Accessibility working group

On 20 December 2017, the City Manager appointed an accessibility working group, whose task is to

  • monitor the implementation of the City’s accessibility policy measures
  • increase awareness of the importance of accessibility to the residents’ health and wellbeing
  • coordinate and promote the City’s accessibility work, and monitor the implementation of accessibility during the practical projects of the divisions
  • collaborate with the Council on Disability, the Elderly Citizens Council, the Non-Discrimination Commission and the Gender Equality Commission
  • issue statements and propose initiatives in order to carry out its duties.

The Administrative Director of the Urban Environment Division serves as its chairperson. The group members include accessibility contact people from the different divisions, the accessibility ombudsman, the disability ombudsman and the secretary of the Elderly Citizens Council. The accessibility ombudsman serves as the group’s draftsperson and rapporteur.

The City of Helsinki’s accessibility policies, accessibility indicators and future monitoring system, created based on a database, are the accessibility working group’s main tools for monitoring the implementation of accessibility.