The existing National Building Code, accessibility 

The Land Use and Building Act (132/1999) specifies the general building requirements, relevant technical requirements, the permit process and regulatory supervision. The technical requirements apply to the integrity, stability, fire safety, health effects, user safety, accessibility, noise abatement, sound conditions and energy efficiency of structures.In addition to this, Section 117 of the Act also specifies the parties authorised to issue regulations regarding the use and maintenance guidelines of buildings. The National Building Code contains more detailed provisions and guidelines pertaining to construction. 

The regulations of the National Building Code have traditionally applied to new construction, while in renovation and alteration projects, they have only applied to the extent required by the quality and scope of the measures taken, or a change in the intended use of a building or its part (unless specifically otherwise stated in the regulations). 

The Ministry of the Environment’s guide on accessible buildings and environments aims to provide information for the design and construction of buildings and their surroundings in order for them to be made accessible. The guide provides examples of accessibility solutions and recommendations as support in designing accessible buildings and environments. Its main content applies to non-residential buildings, but can be used in housing construction as well. The guide is based on the Government Decree on Accessibility of Buildings (241/2017) and the Ministry of the Environment’s guidelines on accessible buildings.