Helsinki metropolitan area Service Map

The Helsinki metropolitan area Service Map is a service developed and maintained by the City of Helsinki allowing residents and visitors to the Helsinki metropolitan area to find available services and their information, such as opening hours, contact information and accessibility information.

The Service Map is most often used to search for locations and view their information. The Service Map includes information on more than 15,000 services, ranging from libraries and schools to gyms and sports. Due to their diversity, information must be presented as clearly as possible to all users, regardless of their sensory or cognitive impairments.

Relevant accessibility information makes using services easier

The user can select the accessibility settings that suit them from the Service Map, in which case the service providers can provide the user with relevant accessibility information. If, for example, the user selects “I use a rollator” as the accessibility setting, the retrieved location page will show instructions for moving with a rollator and, at the same time, warn of possible obstacles. Settings can be found, for example, for hearing aid users, the visually impaired and people with reduced mobility.